Unearthed Picture Shows Sylvester Stallone Pulling Off a Bruce Lee Move in His Famous ‘Rocky’ Film

Unearthed Picture Shows Sylvester Stallone Pulling Off a Bruce Lee Move in His Famous ‘Rocky’ Film

The year 1976 became the era of fandoms when one of the most iconic movies of all time made its presence known in the cinema. The Rocky film series became a widespread phenomenon because of its fighting prompts. What made it even more special was the recreation of the iconic Bruce Lee stunt performed by the boxer Rocky Balboa.

Whether it is a fight sequence between Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed or the boxing prompts that Stallone performed in the ring, the 1976 movie series has a lot of interesting elements to it. And one of those iconic elements was the Bruce Lee stunt which Stallone executed to perfection.

A look at Sylvester Stallone recreating the iconic Bruce Lee move:

In 2020, Sly took to his Twitter handle to share a picture of himself and Lee with his fans. Interestingly, the picture dates back to 1976, when the Rocky actor recreated Lee’s Game of Death stunt.

In the picture, Sly was performing the Bruce Lee balance by taking support from the poles and balancing the lower body without any assistance. Captioning the post, Stallone tweeted, “it’s always humbling to be in great company!”.

Interestingly, Stallone performed the Bruce Lee move, when his character, Rocky Balboa, was undergoing a training montage. Therefore, in order to achieve physical strength, Rocky performed the balancing act.

Rocky IV also has a sequence inspired from Lee’s movie:

The 4th part of the Rocky series also has a scene inspired by Lee’s movie. The sequence where Stallone was pulling the wooden cartwheel got its inspiration from the Little Dragon’s Fist of Fury. In the scene, Rocky was lifting and pulling the cartwheel in order to gain muscular strength. Interestingly, Stallone lifted the cartwheel with three people seated on it.

Stallone really pulled Bruce Lee’s moves to rather a perfection. Everyone knows how great the Rocky series is, and by adding a Lee element to it, the makers made the movie even more special. What are your thoughts on Rocky’s training montage? Do you think Sylvester Stallone performed Bruce Lee’s iconic move to perfection? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below!


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