“I Saw Sly in Diapers”: OG Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone Publicly Mocked Each Other at a Live Press Conference in 2014

“I Saw Sly in Diapers”: OG Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone Publicly Mocked Each Other at a Live Press Conference in 2014

The Hollywood entertainment industry always acted as a catalyst to induce friendship between many great actors. However, western cinema also exemplifies the decade-old rivalries. And Hollywood’s favorite action heroes, Rocky and the Terminator represent the most contentious example of such rivalry. In the early 90s, when the legends Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were at the peak of their acting metiers, they indulged in a dispute at an award show. Since then, Sly and Arnie have become each other’s arch-nemesis. Interestingly, the rivalry lasted for almost two decades, and then the actors ended their feud and became each other’s, boon companions.

Forthwith establishing the bond of friendship, Rambo and the Commando stars shared the screen frequently. From making a cameo in The Expendables to starring as a protagonist in The Expendables 2 and The Expendables 3, Arnie appeared in every Stallone’s Expendables franchise. Thus, the pair went from positing mocks to asserting jokes at each other. Likewise, a couple of years back, Schwarzenegger and Stallone were seen making fun of one another.

Arnold Schwarzenegger jokingly mocked Sylvester Stallone

In 2014, Arnie and Sly together made an appearance at the live press conference to promote their movie The Expendables 3. They answered a series of questions asked by the media. At one point, the Austrian Oak reminisced about Sly’s persona from his 1992 movie Stop! Or my mom will shoot.

Recalling Stallone’s character, Arnie jokingly commented, “I love that movie because I saw Sly in diapers”. The bodybuilder’s joke even left everyone in fits. The terminator star further laughed and stated, “I was laughing so much from the beginning to the end. I said I want to be in diapers too”.

Interestingly, Sly intrigued the audience by saying, “you get the relationship now”. Barney Ross of the Expendables even added, “I thought he was a competitive” on Arnie’s diaper comment. Clearly, the duo now shares rather splendid dynamics.

Arnie and Sly’s Escape Plan

The Expendables series isn’t the only film franchise in which the pair worked together. The two stars shared a screen in the 2013 action thriller movie, Escape Plan. Stallone played the character of a prosecutor Ray Breslin and Arnold acted as a prison inmate of Ray, and his name was Victor X. Mannheim. This Lionsgate movie received wide recognition for its fighting sequences and, of course, for Arnie and Sly’s acting dynamics.

The duo may have shared 20 long years of rivalry, but whenever they get any opportunity, both speak highly of one another. The Expendables 3 press conference is one such example. From their feud to their friendship and Co-acting career, the actors came a long way. And their friendly mocks for one another are a treat to watch. What do you think about Arnie and Sly’s fascinating bond?


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